Interview: Michael of The Waters Edge Resort & Spa

Fire & Water Damage Resort & Spa
(Business Interruption + Happy Guests)

Introduction (who I am):  Michael Dattilo Waters Edge Resort an Spa.

Interviewer:  I’m in Westbrook, Connecticut with you right now in your office at The Water’s Edge. This is a big operation. I drove in, I was very impressed. Very, very professional. And the kind of clientele that you have here values quality and comfort and all of that. So for you to have a problem, this is not a small operation.

Mike Dattilo: We like to think that what this is is a first class operation. A great resort we have a huge following. People come all over the country, New York, Boston, a lot of local people as well.

We do a great job in 35 years and still growing and doing a great job.

Waters Edge Resort

Waters Edge Resort & Spa

Interviewer: So you’re very busy and very successful. You know a lot of people. And you still have the opportunity to choose, out of everybody, you chose John Giordano. Can you tell me why?

Mike Dattilo: He sold me. He’s very friendly. He made me feel that he could do the job.

I guess it’s the feeling that we all need to get before we hire somebody, right, that he was sincere and that I would be in good hands with him.Mr. Mike Dattilo

And so that’s what we went with him.

This particular claim was a pretty sizable claim

I think it was in the excess of $700-800,000. So he was a pretty involved and John did a great job.

He’s a real professional guy and went out of his way to do what he needed to do to please me and get the job done.

He did a great job and he took the bull by the horn and did it all. And we got some nice money out of that.

It was a laundry fire. A machine caught on fire and the sprinkler system opened up and there was this water all over the place.

 Since that laundry piece was broken or no longer operational, John had to supply me with clean linens and things to run the operation here as well as take care if the claim.

Q -  What  else did John help you with?

When you had that challenge, it not only stopped there sprinkler systems with the water and all that made it difficult. And then when the linen and everything else, the towels and all of that touches everybody.

Mike Dattilo: We really moved very quickly.

Interviewer: John came in, took care of it all, including the cleaning?

Mike Dattilo: Yes, he found a second vendor to be able to keep everything clean so there was no hiccup in the operation. 

Interviewer: And you ended up getting all the money that you should’ve gotten probably more than you expected.

Mike Dattilo: Yes. And John really took charge of everything. And whatever other help he provided, they all did a great job with his overseeing everything.


Waters Edge Resort & Spa

Have you ever recommended him to anybody or would you recommend him?

Yes absolutely I’ve recommended him.

One of the employees that works here at the front desk, you might have seen her when you came in, Becky is her name.

One night she was crying. I said, “What’s wrong, Becky? What’s going on?”

She said, “We had a big fire.”

“I’m sorry. I know that you’re very upset but if I can help you in any way, one way I can help you is for you to call John Giordano and you don’t have to do anything.”

And she did and maybe if she’s upstairs on the way back, you could say hi to her. She’s very happy with it as well also very happy with the results that John was able to give her.

 John is a great guy. He’s become a good friend. He gregariously likes to have fun and he’s just a good guy.Mr. Mike Dattilo

Anything else you would like to share with me that I haven’t asked?

Interviewer:  Based on your success and the kind of person that you appear to be, you really need to count on good people to run an operation like this consistently for 35 years.

So for you to pick John Giordano that really says a lot about you.

Mike Dattilo: I must have good taste. I know how to pick them, yes. Thank you for that.

 John is a great guy. He’s become a good friend. He gregariously likes to have fun and he’s just a good guy. I wish him a lot of luck. I hope that this website would bring him a lot of business.

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