Insights from John Bogdanski

The Insurance Industries Most Closely Guarded Secret Revealed


My name is John Bogdanski and I handled the creation of this web site.
I had to learn a bit about John Giordano's business and his industry in general.

Before I  started interviewing people for this gig...

I had been exposed to 100's of insurance company commercials telling  me, "you're in good hands" or these insurance companies were all looking out for me. 

All the advertising was slick and "feel good" and  reinforced how I could TRUST  the insurance industry.

Little did I know...

Right below the surface...

Was quite the opposite of what I had been lead to believe

The smaller, customer focused insurance companies have been replaced by corporate behemoths.

These monster corporations were hiding behind laws that were written for  ->THEIR ADVANTAGE ->NOT OURS.

This was purely business and insurance companies are BIG, corporate, businesses that are beholden to their shareholders... NOT their customers.

These insurance companies  pay attention to the bottom line
and ONLY do what is absolutely required

Think I'm kidding?

 It's NOT the insurance companies responsibility to tell you what is in the policy or what you are entitled to. It's up to you and I to figure out what the contract covers and what you are legitimately covered and protected for and entitled to. Giordano Adjusters

There was just a recent court case.
A lady just sued an insurance company because she was a client for 30 years.
Adjuster came out, she had a loss, she wasn’t happy.

So she went to court and sued saying he had a duty to explain the policy and the judge said he does not.
It’s a contract.  You bought a contract, insurance policy.  
The Insurance adjuster who comes to your house has no duty by law to tell you what’s in that policy
That’s where the industry is turning.

Have you taken a look at your insurance policy lately?

Or have you ever looked at it even once since you bought it?

And please don't tell me that you have a great relationship with your agent and they will take care of you.

Remember when you were sitting down with your agent and asking for the "cheapest" policy or one that fit your needs the best?

I'm sure you realize your agent got a commission on the sale right? In many cases they also get a re-occurring commission for as long as you keep that policy too!

Not unreasonable right? 

Let me tell you another "little secret"

I'll bet you didn't know that your agent also gets a
(cough, cough, nudge, nudge) "commission"
on keeping their/your claims down

Here What I Was Thinking...

  • Agents get paid based on happy customers or good reviews

    That is NOT what the companies use as incentives for your agent

  • Agents get paid based on following the policy

    Their priority is NOT to make sure you get everything you paid for and are entitled to

  • Agents have our best interests in mind

    That is NOT where they make their money

Their standard of achievement  is tied into
the LEAST amount of money they have to pay out

With that kind of  "industry incentive", it's a lot easier to understand why there's so many complaints


The shows (in the last 90 days) the search trend (using Google) for people that searched insurance complaints (in blue) vs searches for Insurance Commissioner (in red) 

Not saying there's a correlation...

But I imagine the very 1st thing people do when they have a problem with their insurance company is to contact their state insurance commissioner.

By the way... Insurance commissioners historically
have NOT been the best in getting things resolved for people

You may want to read what Frank Kolb found in his 30+ years experience with the insurance industry. 

Even your local insurance agent is incentivized to keep claims down (pay out the least amount of money as possible) rather then make sure you get everything you paid for in the insurance policy that is due you. Mr. John Bogdanski

What's even worse?

There seems to be a large and growing group of people that are getting taken advantage of by insurance companies.

To compound the problem... 

Most people  may not even know they are getting taken advantage of or how much money that is really due to them and how much they are leaving on the table.

You can see John Giordanos take on how an insurance company should be  treating you here.

Very few people know that a public adjuster exists, never mind what they do... But I'm sure you're starting to get the picture why they exist and why more people are using them.

Chances are this is the first time
you've had this kind of experience

You don't know what you don't know and that can be a bit frightening 

John and his group have been doing this for over 40 years with claims just like yours.  And that's EXACTLY why you should take John Giordano up on his offer of a free consultation.  I'm sure you'll leave that conversation smarter and better prepared to deal with your insurance company and how they handle your claim. 

John Giordano and his group of experts and solid, down to earth experts in their field.

They are NOT hard sell sales people. They truly want to help you.

Regardless if you become a client of Johns, spend a little time with him on the phone or in his office...

The free education that you'll get regarding your situation will be worth every minute. 

My suggestion? Call John and spend a few minutes with him.

I'm sure you'll learn a lot of helpful things TO DO and what NOT to do.  

Remember, there's a VERY GOOD reason why
Giordano & Associates are feared by the insurance companies and trusted by the insureds

Have a look at his recent client list.

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