Interview: John Ellis of The Connecticut Cancer Foundation

Smoke & Fire Damage To His Home
(While He Is Still Inside)

Introduction (who I am):
I’m John Ellis, former Major League Baseball player for 13 years with the Yankees, Indians and Rangers and had an exciting time playing Major League Baseball. From there, went into business and from there started the Connecticut Cancer Foundation with my beautiful wife Jane and it has been going strong ever since. Thirty years now. It has been going strong ever since 30 years now and hopefully we’re going to have a bigger year this year than any other year before.

The first time I met John Giordano, we had a fire in our house.

First time I ever had a fire anywhere and during that period of time, John came over.

I met him through a mutual friend and I was very excited to meet him because I really didn’t know what to do when a fire happens in your house.

Needless to say, my wife was very upset but when she met John, she felt at ease.

There wasn’t a lot of fire damage but a lot of smoke damage

A lot of issues that were discussed were way beyond my comprehension and...

  • John and his team did an excellent, quick, professional job
  • We had a great relationship with him throughout the whole process
  • There were no delays
  • Everything went very smooth and it was through his great effort that we were able to rebuild our house brand new and we’re very proud that we were associated with John Giordano and his public adjustment team.

We were pleased with the results using John Giordano and his team as a public adjuster. He has many responsibilities. 

Q -  What happened exactly... how did the fire start?

The fire started so strangely.

I was cooking lobsters outside on a big pot.

My wife had warned me to keep it away from the Christmas trees.

So the Christmas trees caught fire while I was cleaning some lobsters inside and the fire went into the roof.

Now she’s out walking with a friend.

They’re coming back.

The fire truck is coming down the road
and I still don’t even know the fire is going on inside the house

We stayed in a nice hotel for two months and John made those arrangements for us and if anybody has a major fire, they should hire a public adjuster, number one, because it’s just too much information that you’re not experienced with, to do something about what you need to do and what’s in your best interest.

 John of course knew a lot of the answers, created great approvals for us and we’re excited to have them on our team. I would never do it again without John Giordano and Associates.

The pain and discomfort with the fire and yet the house was still standing.

It’s not so much a problem for someone like me because I could probably live in the garage.

But for my wife, when you have jewelry and personal memorabilia over the years, these are the things that are so upsetting and John put her at ease, created the opportunities for her to replace items that were lost and we were very thankful that he was there with us.

Time Flies

Q - Interviewer: So this happened how many years ago?

John Ellis: I would say 16 years ago. Sixteen years ago when the fire started and 15 years later, we’ve been in the same location, not the same house of course. But we rebuilt versus remodeled.

Interviewer: Tell me. After all these years, John called you and asked you to spend some time with me, sharing your story. This is 15 or 16 years later. You’ve stayed in touch with John that long?

John Ellis: Well, John is not just a public adjuster.

From this, our friendship grew and John became one of our board members, with the Connecticut Cancer Foundation.

We raise money for needy cancer families in Connecticut.

I’m a Hodgkin’s survivor and John is instrumental in our board. He raises funds for the neediest of the needy in Connecticut. He has been a supporter for 15 years and his counsel means a lot to me on the board as does his friendship.

But more importantly, his deeds outside of his own work is really who John is

Interviewer: What do you mean by that?

John Ellis: What I mean by deeds outside of his work is he’s always thinking of other people first, not of his own goals.

He’s there for you. He’s there for other people. He has always been that way for 15 years. 

If you need the shirt off his back, he’s there for you. That’s the kind of man John Giordano is.Mr. John Ellis

Anything else you would like to share with me that I haven’t asked?

So many things there.

But I think that summarizes John, you know?

He’s a great man. It’s all you can say. He’s a great man.

Well, first off, he’s inspirational to me. He’s inspirational to all the board members and creates the link to keep going and raising more funds year after year because after 30 years, it’s not easy to continue to raise a couple of million dollars a year from our statewide community.

We give out $600,000 annually to needy cancer patients in Connecticut, the neediest of the needy.

Rent, light utilities and mortgage assistance and John gathers his support from his friends.

All of them should be very proud to be associated with John.

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