Interview: Dr. Nicholas Perricone of Perricone MD

Water Damage To His Home
(his magnificent home)

Introduction (who I am):

I’m a Physician, a Medical Doctor but about 20 years ago I founded a company called Perricone which is now Perricone MD making skin care products. It has become an international company.

I’m founder of the Perricone Hydrogen Water Company which is a rather new venture. And so I’ve been kept really busy. I’m also a nutritionist. I’ve authored and written several books on health. My interest in life is healthy aging and helping people care for themselves.

Also a New York Times Best Selling Author, I think five books were number one but eight books in .

Well, I’ve known John most of my life.

We went to the same high school together.

And then I actually had interaction with John and his company Giordano Associates because of some water damage in my home.

And I was fortunate that I did know John because I knew the existence of what a Public Adjuster is. And John is probably the best there is at least in the state of Connecticut.

I had already talked to my insurance company.

They wanted to give me a small of money and I would have to put a lot of money out on my own to repair the damage that was done.

I also would have had to organize a clean-up, John comes in,  he was here in a matter of hours after calling him:

  • looked at the damage
  • talked with the insurance companies
  • got me at least double of what they were offering
  • organized the clean-up and also the repair and essentially it was turnkey operation.

I couldn’t have been happier, saved me a lot of money and I can’t say enough good things about John.

Q -  What did John and Giordano Associates do for you?

I said, if you don’t know about a public adjuster, you should find out and if you’re going to use a public adjuster, it should be Giordano Associates.

I mean, quick response, organized, fantastic ability to negotiate with the insurance companies and maximize what my returns were, organizing the whole clean-up.

I couldn’t have been happier, he saved me time and money which is essential to me.Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Anything else you would like to share with me that I haven’t asked?

Personally, John is an amazing human being. He’s a people person.

And he just really generally cares for people and that’s why he does such a good job, an incredible ability to memorize faces and names.

He probably knows more people than anybody I know.

And that’s just one of his attributes and it also it validates the fact that he’s a really good person.

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