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Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

Insurance companies don’t give us anything you’re not entitled to.
They don’t just start paying because Giordano Associates showed up and there nice people.

You bought a contract and there’s something in that contract and I know how to read that contract.
And I know what they owe you. That’s the difference.

1. It Really Is You Against Them

There was just a recent court case... It was decided the insurance company adjuster has no duty to tell you what’s in that policy. A lady just sued an insurance company because she was a client for 30 years. Adjuster came out, she had a loss, she wasn’t happy.

So she went to court and sued saying he had a duty to explain the policy and the judge said he does not.

It’s a contract. You bought a contract, that's what that insurance policy is.

So that’s where the industry is turning. There’s no more customer service in let’s make everybody happy.

You’re supposed to know your side and they know their side. And they have no duty to explain everything.Recent court ruling
You Are On Your Own
You're in good hands is the farthest thing from the truth (especially with Allstate)

2. The Clock IS Ticking

It’s too late because there’s a two years statute. The policy, it says you have two years to sue.

So the two years has expired and they kept just you know keeping them along, we’ll pay, we’ll pay, we’ll pay you. And they watch that mark.

And as soon as that two year hit mark, they send him a letter saying, here’s all we’re going to pay you.

If you don’t make the claim or settle within two years you’re toast
You have no recourse, you can't even sue... and I don’t think that’s reversible.

3. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

So these little things in the policy that you have to know or you’re going to get hurt.

And there’s a thing called the Proof of Loss form.

If a company requires you or demands you to fill out a Proof of Loss form which is a standard form, you have 60 days to fill it out and return it.

Proof of Loss form is a standard form, you have 60 days to fill it out and return it
If you don’t return it, in certain states they can deny your claim based on that failure

So the average consumer I mean they don’t know that.

And that's only scratching the surface.

Insurance companies can really take an advantage of people.

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