Interview: Jim Triantis Twin Pines Diner

Building Fire From a Faulty A/C Unit
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Introduction (who I am):
I’m Jim I own Twin Pines diner. I’ve been here in the diner since 1982; 35 years but I have business before that. I had a couple of diners before that. 

I have known John for many, many years. Once I had a fire about five years ago in one of my buildings.He was introduced as being one of the best in the area. It was true as I worked with him for over a year.He did the best he could and he worked very hard and I was very satisfied with the outcome of it.

John comes to the diner on and off. I didn’t even know what he was doing. But now, the last four-five years, I know him very well. I think he’s a gentleman, very, very nice guy, honest and a good businessman.

Interviewer: So when you met John and you heard some good things about him and you interviewed other adjusters like him, sounds like.

Jim Triantis: Of course. Well, I know a lot of people because over here you got 4,000 people that come in here every week, and I get to know from all kinds and walks of life, people.

I think I’m a good judge of character because of my job meeting so many people, I get to judge people to get a good feeling for who they are. That's why I hired John.Jim - Twin Diner CT

Q -  What happened exactly... how did the fire start?

It was a three-floor building next to the Diner. About 10:00 a.m., we heard that there was a fire on top of the roof. We have to demolish the whole building at the end of it.

It was a big fire, where we have the Branford firefighters, the rescue firefighters trying to take out the fire but the building was like a wooden building. It’s saved but by the time it goes dark, it was all out.

How did John help?

He worked so hard to send a couple of his workers and they went through the building, every detail and everything. Right away I knew I was in good hands because they don’t look lazy at all. They looked like they want to do the job right and I appreciate all that.

Yes. I have $2 million, about $5 million, I don’t remember exactly, of umbrella which I didn’t know will cover the other building. I heard that when I get the $250-$300, he brought me back more than double and I said, “Oh, my God.” Because they look at the insurance papers, the contract and they find out that-- they tell me, “You’re a lucky man.”

Interviewer: So he went through all your insurance information?

Jim Triantis: Yes. He went every detail of it, every detail.

So I was just surprised because these are -- most people I know it was my business.

I know a lot of people. They say, “Okay. Take 300 here. Take the money and go.”

Not these guys, they were different

They went every detail of the contract, every detail on everything. That’s why I appreciate what they did.

Interviewer: It sounds like they double the amount that you expected.

Jim Triantis: Yes, yes, yes. They did that, yes.

He’s an excellent guy and I would highly recommend him to anybody I know, my friends or anybody, even my cousins. When I hear they have a problem, I say, “This guy is good, excellent,” and I tell them my story. And they like him.Mr. Jim Triantis

Anything else you would like to share with me that I haven’t asked?

Well, he’s very good. I know most people, they know about him. He’s a very good man. He’s honest. He’s an excellent in business. He cares for his job. That’s what I like most about him. He’s very pleasant too. He always talks to you nice and cooperative.

The only thing I have to say, they are good people. They’re family people. They like what they’re doing. Seems they enjoy what they’re doing. It’s the first thing to do in any job, like what I enjoy what I’m doing here at the diner. He’s a good person. To know him as a friend too is good.

Many years ago, I had a small fire in the office downstairs but it was not a big thing because my partner extinguished it as soon as he saw the smoke coming out. He went to extinguish it.

I remember John sent one of his associates. He’s one of his partners working there. I saw him sit in the desk and gave him every detail. How many pans? I said, “What are you doing there?” He says, “We have to write everything down even that.” I said, “Oh, my God.” At the end of the day, I was so surprised at the time when they did that. Then I forget about it. Very detailed.

Interviewer: When they came in, they were working for you? You were their top priority?

Jim Triantis: Yes. It looks like they didn’t have anybody else but I know they had. From what I hear from other people, they get jobs by the millions, multimillion jobs. I really like what he’s doing. I highly recommend them.

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